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6 EACH – SmarTee Divot Repair Tees, the last “tee” you will ever need! Shipping Included

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Fine Print:

  • Tees will be shipped by USPS First Class Mail.
  •  Tees should arrive within 2 to 4 business days after being shipped.
  • Unlimited purchases, no gifting.
  • After purchasing, please contact Golf Tees Galore at for questions or order inquiries.
  • Continental U.S. Residents Only

What You Need To Know

  • Get two 3pc packs, one of all 2 ¾” and one of all 3 ¼”, SmarTee Divot Repair Tees
  •  SmarTee Divot Repair Tees are made of high-grade polymer and all but unbreakable.
  • Protruding from the bottom is a fully functional, dual-pronged divot fixer with tips sharp enough to scour grime from club face grooves, and sturdy enough to remove any debris from your cleats.
  • Reduces the amount of clutter in the pockets while you golf.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Watch the YouTube Video!
Information and Reviews

Golfing with a pocket full of wooden tees and a separate divot tool, of which I never carried around in my pocket, never made much sense to me. I’d always get poked in the leg, or in my fingers when reaching in to get a tee out.  Or I’d be stranded on the putting green without a divot tool since it was always either in my bag or on the golf cart.  So, I thought… why not combine the two and make it out of unbreakable plastic?  In doing so, we came up with a tee that’s the only thing I ever need carry around in my pocket.  Multi-purpose and practically indestructible, this is one “tee” worth purchasing, especially with our offer of two 3 piece packs; that’s 6 pieces for less than $9.

Get two 3pc packs, one of all 2 ¾” and one of all 3 ¼”, SmarTee Divot Repair Tees, the last “tee” you will ever need, for just $8.40—that’s 30% off retail pricing. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, there’s no charge for shipping and handling within the continental U.S., and you may order as many as you please.

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