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Twin Cities Golf Discounts: Be Featured on Daily Golf Grab

Are you looking to drum up business for your golf course? Look no further. Daily Golf Grab’s business model will send you new customers and create the type of word-of-mouth advertising your business depends on! Here’s how:


Exclusive recognition on the day of your deal

Unlike sites that sell discounted tee times, Daily Golf Grab only highlights one deal each day. That means the day your deal goes live, you’re front and center. Not only does this mean more sales of your voucher, but you’ll also receive a prime spot on the homepage as well as a dedicated email to our subscribers.


New customers become repeat golfers

By targeting dedicated golfers and giving discounts to your most-loyal demographic, you’ll create lifelong customers. Daily Golf Grabs are intended to drive new golfers to your course. Once they are there, you can turn up the hospitality and make sure they come back again and again.


Marketing buzz you can’t buy elsewhere

What happens when a golfer tries your course for the first time? They’ll share their experience with their friends. All you need is a chance to make a stellar first impression on some new customers, and you’ll get the word-of-mouth marketing machine started! Daily Golf Grabs helps you kickstart this marketing technique by speaking to your audience in the way they want to be spoken to — with more affordable golf options!


Money in your pocket

Once your golf deal closes, we’ll cut you a check within 72 hours. If you need a bump in revenue, this is the way to do it without paying for pricey advertisements. You’ll get paid as soon as the deal ends and regardless of when or if customers use their vouchers.

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